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Choosing a physical therapy provider used to be all about convenience , but in today’s world of specialized health care there’s much more to think about. Rather than picking a clinic because it is closest to where you work or live, you may want to consider the facility, equipment, and staff expertise with your particular condition. Physical therapy clinics can vary widely.

All Physical Therapy Clinics Are Not The Same

That’s Why We Offer A Free Physical Therapy Screening So You Can Learn More About Options For Treating Your Particular Condition.

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Why Request A Free Screening?

Our first responsibility to you, the patient, is to determine the correct course of treatment for your unique problem, whether that means a course of physical therapy or referral to a physician for more medical testing. As you will see in the description below, our intention is to do everything we can to put you on the right track to help your condition. If that means referring you to someone else, that is exactly what we will do.

When you book your screening we will send you a pre first visit package that will include forms that you can fill out to help us determine how we can help you with your condition. These forms can also be accessed through our Appointment Booking page. Our receptionist can help you complete any sections of the form.

Your therapist will discuss this information and the nature of your problem to determine whether physical therapy treatment is appropriate or not.

If therapy is indicated, we will be happy to schedule a full evaluation for you.

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The Only Physical Therapy Provider You Need

Kleinpeter Physical Therapy is your one stop for all of your physical therapy needs.

From aquatic therapy, treatment of back and neck pain, sports injuries, balance and dizziness treatment, soft tissue therapy, senior care, and everything in between, Kleinpeter Physical Therapy provides complete physical therapy, rehabilitation, conditioning, and wellness services for all ages.

Kleinpeter Physical Therapy Services

  • Aquatic Therapy
  • Balance & Dizziness
  • Work Injury
  • Physical Therapy
  • Seniors Care
  • Spine and Back Care
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization – ASTYM
  • Fall Risk Assessment
  • Sports Medicine
  • Trigger Point Dry Needling
  • Chronic Pain

Kleinpeter Physical Therapy Conditions Treated

  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Frequent Falls/Balance, Dizziness, Vertigo
  • Sciatica
  • Sprains & strains
  • Foot/Ankle Injuries
  • Hip Pain/Injury
  • Knee Pain/Injury
  • Arthritis/Degenerative Joint Disease
  • Workers Comp & Auto Injuries
  • Chronic Pain
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